Tips For Installing Your Swiftlock Laminate Floor

Swiftlock laminate floor panels offer numerous benefits to consumers who prefer the look of wood without the hefty price. With a variety of colors to choose from, minimal maintenance and easy cleaning, it is not hard to understand why many homeowners are opting for this flooring. In addition, installation is simple, which is perfect for DIY inclined individuals.

Before you place your order, you need to determine how much material you need to buy. Make certain you measure the area correctly, so you do not run short. It is always a good idea to buy 5-10 percent extra for cut-offs during installation and for future repair.

Properly prepare the area before you start to install your Swiftlock laminate floor. You should remove any staples or nails, as well as sand down any bumps that could cause an issue. If necessary, screed your floor with a leveling compound to ensure you work with a smooth surface.

Cover the area with rows of foam underlay, while making certain none of the strips overlap. Use packing tape to join the seams. The underlay will keep your home warmer and prevent moisture from reaching the flooring.

When you start installing the first row of panels, make certain there is a gap between the wall and material for expansion. The last thing you want is for the panels to crack or bow over time. Install the next row by lining up the groove and tongue joints. Slide the tongue into the groove, then press firmly until the boards are flat, and connect properly.

Tips For Installing Your Swiftlock Laminate Floor

Tips For Installing Your Swiftlock Laminate Floor

Continue to install the material until you cover the entire area, cutting out sections where necessary. To complete the look, cover the expansion gaps with the finishing you prefer. Keep in mind, Swiftlock laminate floor panels will need a two-day acclimation period before you install it. However, as a cheaper, more accessible option, this type of flooring is the perfect choice. Consider hiring a professional installer if you do not feel comfortable with a DIY job.

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