Facts About Swiftlock Laminate Floor

Constructing or remodeling a home can be a really daunting task. It can be costly as well. Materials and installation would require hefty expenses. It is important then to consider many factors regarding it. Floors can be especially tricky and expensive to choose. You would want high-quality materials for it without too much costs. This will include installation and maintenance costs in the future. Swiftlock laminate floor can be an option for you and you should know some facts about it first.

Laminated floors are a type of synthetic flooring made from melamine resin as well as fiber boards. It is sometimes referred to as floating wood tile. It simulates wood of many kinds and can also simulate stone as well. It can be installed together with glue, but the Swiftlock technology have paved way to boards that can be clicked together and locked with a tongue and groove mechanism. It is protected by a protective aluminum oxide coating as well. This makes it resistant to typical scratches and dents.

A major advantage of this type of flooring material is its affordability. It is more affordable than most kinds of commercial floors. It simulates wood and many types of hardwood, so it can be a cheaper alternative to the real one. Real hardwood is very expensive and requires high installation and maintenance costs.

Facts About Swiftlock Laminate Floor

Facts About Swiftlock Laminate Floor

This kind of flooring is affordable even in terms of maintenance. It will not require hefty maintenance costs. You will not need to repaint it or to apply any kind of polish. Vacuum cleaning can be done but is not required. Simple damp cloth cleaning will suffice already. Stains will not easily lodge on them. Mud and other forms of dirt can be easily wiped away. Beverage spills are not a worry as well as it will not soak the liquid unlike carpet materials.

Another advantage of having flooring of this type is its high durability. It can withstand elemental exposures like sunlight without losing its color and luster. It can withstand spills and water as long as it will not be allowed to stay for long periods of time. It can last for many years with the right care given to it.

You can also have a wide array of options when it comes to design with this type of material. You can have wood of many kinds, colors and composites. You can choose grain patterns resembling those of real high-quality hardwood. There are also various options with regards to thickness. You can easily choose one that can fit the design needs of your home.

This kind of material is also very easy to install. It will not require hefty installation costs as you can do the installation yourself. You can read do-it-yourself manuals or watch videos about it. The easy installation is attributed to the tongue and groove mechanism. It does not need complicated tools and equipments.

To make the most out of this floor material, you should avoid causing damages by not dragging furniture across the floor or dropping really heavy and sharp objects. It might be scratch-proof and dent-proof but with heavy abuse, it can still incur damages.

Swiftlock laminate floor can be a really good option for you. With it, you can have beautiful floors without emptying your pockets.